The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The first of the Sonic the Hedgehog games was released in 1991. The video game franchise was developed by Sega and has remained incredibly popular since those early days.

Sonic’s Early History
The blue hedgehog named Sonic is the central player and a favorite character of many generations. Sonic, as all other protagonists in video games, is trying to save the world from all kinds of evil.

In the very first game, Sonic was attempting to stop the evil Doctor Robotnik from achieving world domination. Sonic’s superpowers included the ability to run very fast and to jump high. The first Sonic game was developed by Yuji Naka and drawn by artist Naoto Oshima.

Soon after the launch of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sega began working on the sequel. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released in 1992. The gameplay speed was increased to make the experience more challenging. The 1992 edition became the second best selling Genesis game of all time.

Sonic Evolves
The success of Sonic on Sega Genesis led to the introduction of the game series to Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear – two of the company’s most popular video game consoles.

The first Sonic 3D game was released in 1996. In 1997, Sega launched a Sonic Jam compilation for Saturn that contained the original two games from 1991 and 1992, as well as a 3D Sonic world mode.

After the launch of PlayStation 2, the popularity of the Sonic games for Sega Dreamcast gaming consoles started to decline. Sonic Adventure was launched in 1998 for Dreamcast and re-launched in 2003 for GameCube and PC. In 2010, the game became available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

In the years until 2012, Sonic games were taken to a whole new level with releases for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In October 2011, Sonic games became available under the iOS.

Sonic Today
Sonic the Hedgehog has managed to keep its popularity, despite the availability of numerous video games and gaming applications.

In the spring of 2013, Nintento and Sega announced a partnership, under which Sonic games were to be produced exclusively for 3DS and Wii U. The companies announced that two of the next games in the series would be called Sonic Lost World and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The popularity of Sonic has expanded beyond the gaming realm. Several animated films were dedicated to the character. Sonic X is an animated series that bragged the impressive span of 78 episodes distributed in three seasons.

Comic books have been based on the Sonic story, as well. Sonic the Hedgehog is a series that is still being produced in the US today. The first comic book of the series was launched in 2005 but due to the high popularity, it became an ongoing publication.

Today, Sonic is the holder of seven Guinness World Records, including the ones for longest running comic based on video game and best selling retro game compilation. Imagine Games Network (IGN) named Sonic 19th greatest gaming series of all times. Though the game has been subjected to criticism about losing some of its original dynamics and charm, Sonic is undoubtedly defining for many generations of gamers.

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Simulating Surgery

The increasing popularity of surgery flash games may go beyond the visceral appeal. Surgery flash games have a broad fan base and work on enough levels to attract a very big audience. In some places, surgery flash games seem to be absolutely everywhere. When a genre becomes that large, it’s time to consider the reasons behind its expanding popularity, for people interested in understanding popular culture. Flash games are a relatively new addition to the broader cultural landscape, but they are already having a tremendous impact and changing the game worldwide.

The prospect of getting surgery yourself is an unsettling one for a lot of people. People are typically very nervous before any kind of major surgical operation, or even a minor one. We put our lives in the hands of doctors all the time, and it can be intimidating. Being able to approach the same procedure from the other side can actually be a way of coping with one of the realities of the modern world. People can assume the role of a surgeon, even in a safe and removed environment. There is no real patient, and no one’s life is truly on the line in this circumstance. The exploratory aspect of surgery is still there, but it is removed from the consequences that would come into play in any other situation. Even people dissecting frogs in school have to worry about their grades or how their lab partners will react to what they are doing. Surgery flash games offer a welcome release from all those pressures, while still being distinctly different from similar types of games.

While surgery flash games will never be able to truly duplicate the experience of actually being a surgeon, it does allow players to pretend in a way that can be intellectually and emotionally satisfying. Role-playing games have grown in popularity in the modern world, and they have become more and more mainstream in recent years. Some flash games and video games offer the same basic experience as many role-playing games, but they can be done in a more solitary manner. With many games, you are your own opponent. The experience and the appeal is slightly different, even though there are many people who enjoy both.

Many television programs involving doctors have managed to play on the same fears and the same curiosities. Medical dramas have always been a common fixture of the primetime television lineups. Many of the genres that are popular in television and film are also popular amongst gamers. The popularity of medical dramas can also help influence the popularity of surgery flash games, because people will have medical situations on the brain when they go and search for new games to play online. Different media can affect one another.

Fantasy flash games may stay more consistent than surgery flash games. Surgery flash games may change even as surgery changes. The image of people playing games involving surgeries that seem incredibly advanced by modern standards is a striking one, and who knows what platform they will use in order to play their high tech surgery games. The image of people playing robotic free surgery games is a compelling one to keep in mind for the future. The current popularity of flash games will set the stage for new ones.

A Look at Zombie Flash Games

For the casual gamer, the flash based websites offering games can offer a great experience. With a keyboard and a mouse, there are hours that can be spent playing everything from titles that focus on distances to zombie flash games. The latter of course focuses on a popular cultural trend that can make for an entertaining gaming experience.

Shooting Titles

Perhaps the first thing some think of when they consider the undead is shooting them. This obvious conclusion is why many of the titles that are found do have players using shotguns and upgrading weapons in an attempt to survive waves of the walking dead. Often fast paced, these games are going to let you have an interesting experience as you spend some time playing them online.

Due to the popularity, you are also going to find that there isn’t just a single game type that can be found for shooters. That means as you master one title, it will be possible to explore additional ones and the chance to explore the wide variety can help you to stay busy for hours on end as you relax after a long day at work or as a time killer on the weekends.

Tower Defense Games

Some zombie flash games focus on protecting a destination and utilizing towers that are upgradeable to keep the monsters at bay. One of the more popular titles that can be found with this theme is Plants vs. Zombies where plants with special powers help you to ward off the hordes of walkers that are attempting to break into your home.

With the upgrades and unique waves, the games that fall in this category will provide a unique experience that will have you coming back for more.

Distance Games

While distance games can involve cannons and flying, there are also zombie flash games that can be experienced. These titles tend to focus on escaping areas and working towards reaching a destination that will allow the player to escape a dangerous setting.

Many of the games in this category usually have escape vehicles and the goal in these titles is to upgrade the vehicle so it can reach a particular destination. When you have reached that point, the next round continues to require that additional funds are earned and more upgrades are purchased. These games usually have set destination points and a true end the game.

Time Management Titles

While it may seem strange, there are also time management titles that carry on the theme of the undead. These games will often deal with people coming to you for help to be transformed back from being a zombie with a cure, or to even serve ghoulish meals to the undead. Similar to other popular online games, this can be a great way to enjoy the genre and to have familiar favorites to enjoy.

Zombie flash games are going to be among the most popular titles you will find on any flash game website. With multiple categories to choose from, they will offer a gaming experience unlike any other. You are invited to visit and see for yourself.

Farm Tractors Are More Than Online Fun – Game Wonders At Work

There are plenty of flash tractor games that showcase the fun a person can have when they are using this farming tool, but have you ever wondered what all these vehicles can do? Some of the uses of a tractor just may surprise you and have you wanting to learn more about the real thing.

The most obvious thing a person will use a tractor for, will be to harvest vegetables. With agricultural tractors, they are able to reduce the time that it takes to harvest a crop, which helps to keep the overall costs down for farmers.

Another interesting thing is that with different attachments on these vehicles, the farmer will be able to do different things. That means quite a bit of the farm work that needs to be done can be handled with varied attachments.

One example will be the ability to till the land. With a plow on the tractor, you will have the chance to cultivate the ground and have it ready for planting in almost no time at all. This helps to break down lumps of earth and ensure the perfect planting soil.

Your next attachment then, is the one that will be used for drilling and planting. This will ensure that you can sow seeds faster, while ensuring that your seeds are being distributed where you need them to be. Once you are done, you can spray the land and begin the process of growing fresh vegetables.

When they aren’t being used to plant, the tractor can also be used to help transfer materials on the farm. No matter if the loads are supplies, or even farm animals, the tractor will allow them to be moved easier than you might otherwise be able to do on your own.

What you need to realize is that while flash tractor games may make the tractor look one dimensional, they will actually have a bunch of different uses. That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with playing the games you will find on the internet.

So what are some of the games you will find?

  • Tractor Mania
  • Super Tractor
  • Mario Tractor
  • John Deere Tractors
  • Tow Tractor

Of course, there are hundreds of other fun games in flash that you will find, that you can also play.

The nice thing about tractor games is that they do give some insight into the world of farming. When you take into account that they help to bring agricultural awareness, while creating a fun and social setting, they could be one of the best learning tools that are available.

So the next time, you set out on an online expedition and you are playing tractor games, consider what the professionals are doing in the field. Not only will you have a new found respect for them, but you just might find that it helps to make the game itself that much more enjoyable to play. Especially when you find that you can share these bits of knowledge with your friends.

Kick Buttowski Flash Games Unleash the Daredevil in You

Kick Buttowski is one of those characters in Disney games that are worth checking out. He is a character that is famous for achieving feats and doing death-defying stunts due to his profession as a suburban daredevil. Because of what he does in the show, game developers have created games that also cater to his kind of work, where interested players would be able to take part in what Kick Buttowski does best: to do stunts that are ‘sky’s the limit’ and to drop from the sky alive and all in one piece.

There are many Kick Buttowski games that focus on the kind of things he does in the cartoons. Knowing that he is more into extreme games and other activities that are considered death defying, you would be able to see him riding a motocross bike, a bigfoot truck, a skateboard, and a snowboard. All of the four rides are actually fast pacing, and the control of such rides demands dexterity, precision, and patience on your part as it may get a bit frustrating that you end up repeating the game over and over again. However, as you take time and study the game and how it works, you should be able to complete a course in no time.

The fun thing about certain Kick Buttowski games is that each game wallops a lot of action on your part. Without you even noticing it, you are already sinking your fingers on the keyboard, trying to familiarize yourself with how to make backflips, front flips, and even Buttowski tricks on the ride of your choice. You could even see gaming elements that are found in the cartoon series, such as the power boost you get when you are able to drink that soda he loves best.

As you begin playing Kick Buttowski games, you would feel a little tension because of the excitement you will get as you customize your ride, choosing colors that would be perfect to your taste. You could even do upgrades on the rides once you have earned the right amount of Kick Points necessary to amp your stuff up. However, since the game is downright challenging, you are in for the time of your life as you choose any of the four rides that are ready to be driven and operated at your disposal.

What’s amazing about Kick Buttowski games is that each ride you have brings you to a different racecourse that’s perfect for your vehicle to operate on. When you take on the bigfoot truck, you are to race and finish on the wastelands. With the bike, you will find yourself flipping and riding in the forest. When you operate the snowboard, you are taken on the snowy mountains. Lastly, the race for the skateboard brings you to the streets. As you race on and finish the course, you should be able to create tricks and stunts that are necessary for you to gather Kick Points. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the next course, even though you have survived.

Nevertheless, if you get too perplexed with the same course over and over again, you can just click on the garage button and you get to choose your ride again, ready for the next set of events. Who could have known that Kick Buttowski games, because of the exhilarating excitement, could bring out the daredevil in you?

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The Everlasting Popularity of Tom and Jerry – The Flash Game Revolution

Who knew back in 1940 when the first of these animated shorts were created featuring Tom and Jerry, that famous cat and mouse team, that there was going to be such a hit? Here nearly 73 years later, the duo has spawned online flash-based Tom and Jerry Games which enforce the popularity of this long lived cartoon series. With such a large international fan base, it is pretty easy to see why these cartoons are popular, but did you know that Tom and Jerry also won 7 Oscars? That ties the pair with Disney’s Silly Symphonies for theatrical animations in awards.  Pretty impressive, don’t you think?  On top of that, the cartoons are played daily around the world.

Overall between 1940 and 1967 161 shorts were produced featuring this cat and mouse team. Starting in 1970 there was a made-for-television series and there have been several full length movies made too. New shorts for both Television and theater are still occasionally produced. Currently the rights to Tom and Jerry are held by Time Warner. They create both additional television shows and a number of the Tom and Jerry Games that can be played online.  But what exactly is the plot line if this series?

The Tom and Jerry Games and cartoons share in plot certain elements.  The major one is the fights between a house cat and a mouse.  These are played up for humor.  In the most basic form the plot consists of Tom trying to catch Jerry and showcases how each attempt is foiled in one form or another.  The comedic value is typical displayed through wild destruction and mayhem which often times ends up with Tom getting clobbered in one way or another.  While Tom rarely catches his quarry because Jerry typically displays great cunning, cleverness, and luck, there is also the occasional turnabout where the pair displays real friendship and concern for each other.

This element of adversary combined with friendship in the face of outside threats is what makes the characters of Tom and Jerry so endearing.  Often times most episodes of the flash Tom and Jerry Games focus more on the internal rivalry between the pair, but for fans of the show, the underlying friendship remains present in their minds.  This is in spite the huge amount of cartoon violence that Tom inflicts on Jerry and the reverse revenges that Jerry gets on Tom.  Perhaps one thing that makes this acceptable is the lack of blood and gore that is foundational to the show.

Modern fans of the Tom and Jerry Series can find a wide range of excellent Tom and Jerry Games that are free to play online through any computer that runs Flash player.  These games can either pit one as Tom trying to catch Jerry, or as Jerry trying to avoid and out whit Tom (the second seems more popular and has more gaming options).  These popular games tend to evoke the same feelings as the cartoon shorts and tend to help with viewership of these programs on television.

Flash Games Overview – A Brief Explination

Flash games are some of the most popular games available online. The reasons for this are many. For one thing, Flash games are easy to embed into an Internet site. You don’t need to actually download anything new in order to use them.  The games will work just fine inside of the browser that can support them.

Another advantage is that the flash games can be about just about anything. You can program them very quickly in most situations too, so it’s quite easy to make flash games about any sort of recent phenomenon that is happening in the world. This means that people can play games about recent events and this is another reason.

But overall, the truth is that different ages tend to be interested in different things. And flash games have an advantage here because you can make a flash game about anything. You can also make flash games that are at radically different skill levels.

For example, if you’re aiming a Flash game at a younger crowd such as the 6 year old range, then you can make really simple up and down controls and make the game about something very colorful and easy to understand such as the Frogger type of flash game where a frog tries to make it across the road into its lily pad. So in this way Flash games will be popular with younger kids. But then you can make Flash games about topics that would appeal to older audiences as well. For example you can have them be about motorbike games, which will appeal to people in more of a teenage range a whole lot more.

So this advantage holds strong for that reason as well. Other examples of reasons why Flash games are popular include the ease, adaptability and portability of play. Because you don’t need to really download anything to play, you can easily play in a variety of different situations. Any time you have any way of connecting to the Internet at all you have at least the outside chance of being able to play a Flash game online. Additionally, the game type can often be very simple, but it’s also easy to make Flash games complex as well.

Flash games can have incredibly simple graphics that have a really low energy footprint in terms of what it takes to play, but they can also be incredibly involved with very good graphics depending on what goes into them. So people who like really simple games can play really simple Flash games. But on the other hand, people who like games that have a lot to them can play Flash games that are like that, as an example.

This also applies to length of games. Flash games can take just a minute or two to play, or you can create entire storylines that would require someone to play the games over the course of an entire week or longer. This is the best thing you can hope for in games overall, specifically that they are wide enough to appeal to just about anyone of any age who could possibly want to play them. There are many mediums of games that don’t actually have this ability to any real degree so it’s certainly worth noting when such a quality is possessed.