The Everlasting Popularity of Tom and Jerry – The Flash Game Revolution

Who knew back in 1940 when the first of these animated shorts were created featuring Tom and Jerry, that famous cat and mouse team, that there was going to be such a hit? Here nearly 73 years later, the duo has spawned online flash-based Tom and Jerry Games which enforce the popularity of this long lived cartoon series. With such a large international fan base, it is pretty easy to see why these cartoons are popular, but did you know that Tom and Jerry also won 7 Oscars? That ties the pair with Disney’s Silly Symphonies for theatrical animations in awards.  Pretty impressive, don’t you think?  On top of that, the cartoons are played daily around the world.

Overall between 1940 and 1967 161 shorts were produced featuring this cat and mouse team. Starting in 1970 there was a made-for-television series and there have been several full length movies made too. New shorts for both Television and theater are still occasionally produced. Currently the rights to Tom and Jerry are held by Time Warner. They create both additional television shows and a number of the Tom and Jerry Games that can be played online.  But what exactly is the plot line if this series?

The Tom and Jerry Games and cartoons share in plot certain elements.  The major one is the fights between a house cat and a mouse.  These are played up for humor.  In the most basic form the plot consists of Tom trying to catch Jerry and showcases how each attempt is foiled in one form or another.  The comedic value is typical displayed through wild destruction and mayhem which often times ends up with Tom getting clobbered in one way or another.  While Tom rarely catches his quarry because Jerry typically displays great cunning, cleverness, and luck, there is also the occasional turnabout where the pair displays real friendship and concern for each other.

This element of adversary combined with friendship in the face of outside threats is what makes the characters of Tom and Jerry so endearing.  Often times most episodes of the flash Tom and Jerry Games focus more on the internal rivalry between the pair, but for fans of the show, the underlying friendship remains present in their minds.  This is in spite the huge amount of cartoon violence that Tom inflicts on Jerry and the reverse revenges that Jerry gets on Tom.  Perhaps one thing that makes this acceptable is the lack of blood and gore that is foundational to the show.

Modern fans of the Tom and Jerry Series can find a wide range of excellent Tom and Jerry Games that are free to play online through any computer that runs Flash player.  These games can either pit one as Tom trying to catch Jerry, or as Jerry trying to avoid and out whit Tom (the second seems more popular and has more gaming options).  These popular games tend to evoke the same feelings as the cartoon shorts and tend to help with viewership of these programs on television.

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